Aging and Health


Good Cholesterol

Over the past few decades, health officials have worked hard to educate people when it comes to the issue of heart health. One of the worst contributors has been cited as cholesterol, but there are two types that the public should be aware of when looking at their numbers. The bad type is the one that can cause health issues, but good cholesterol is a necessity for the body to work properly. Those who have been tested might find that number is lower than it should be, and they will need to raise it.

It might come as a surprise, but one of the best ways to raise the amount of good cholesterol in the blood is to exercise on a regular basis. A person who is physically fit will have a better chance to control their blood glucose level, and this factor helps their body maintain a healthier level of the cholesterol they need. While it might not be as much fun as cooking up a healthy meal, getting the right amount of exercise might just make them feel they deserve that good food when they are done.