The Value of Activity

Working long hours can often leave people with little energy to get moving once they are done for the day, but it might make their body age faster if they fall into the habit of resting as soon as they get home. Preparing a meal, doing a few chores, and taking the dog for a short walk is not quite enough to help their body burn calories or stay fit. The value of activity can help avoid some of the issues that can crop up as people age because they are using their muscles, keeping their lungs and blood flowing at a good pace, and their body might just thank them by remaining healthier.

It is normal to be tired at the end of the working day, but movement is a good way to fight that feeling. A brisk walk could be a good way to begin the process, so planning to do it on a regular basis could be one way to slow down the effects of aging. Walking at a reasonable pace helps the body draw in more air, and it can become an aerobic exercise that does not take a large toll on bones or weary muscles.

Movement gives the body a chance to stretch and bend naturally, so walking or even swimming can do much more good than harm. Those who take even a few minutes a day might find that stiff limbs are looser, and they might experience fewer symptoms of aging.

Those who find their body rebelling against their simple commands to move often attribute it to the aging process, but it could be a lack of enough movement. Just walking at a reasonable pace for a few minutes every day or two can give them back their muscle tone, and it can help their body become used to doing more without the need for artificial aids or medical devices as they continue to mature.